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Help Galaxy S2 wifi periodically working.


May 6, 2013
I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 SPH710, and I'm trying to figure out why the wifi periodically works or stops receiving the signal at times. When I'm on chrome and using my wifi, sometimes the page doesn't load and its just a continuous loading bar. Its aggravating especially when your on an app and then you have to turn off your wifi and back on. Same for apps like facebook and kik. Any way to get the full/undisrupted signal from my router?
Are other devices able to access on Wifi without interruption.
You need to check this to establish whether the problem is with your phone receiving wifi, or with your router actually transmitting it.

Could also be outside interference upsetting your wifi signal. Maybe a close neighbour using the same channel - a common prob with Virgin Media customers using VM's supplied 'superhub'.

So, start by checking it isn't inherently a problem with your phone.
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I have a similar problem with my SGSII; I work at a University and there is an open staff wifi network which we access by means of our usual desktop logins. A couple of weeks ago, it kept dropping off when my phone was sat on my desk but reconnected if I picked it up. Now it won't connect to the work wifi network at all. There is 'guest' network but it won't work on that as it isn't secure. I can't raise it with our tech guys as it's personal and I have no need to use it for work, it's just a perk. As soon as I get home, my phone picks our home wifi up from outside sat in the car, so it's not a general wifi issue.

There are 3 (I presume) routers in our office and generally it will pick up the network between buildings while on campus or while walking past it. Even the pub across the road picks up our wifi.

As me and a group of colleagues use WhatsApp all day (we call it our moaning circle, keep our gripes off our emails!) there's only me affected. The others are variously on Samsung and iPhones and have no issues staying connected. I changed my login password for everything to see if that worked but it didn't. I did a full reset on Friday so will try it again tomorrow to see if that has worked. I've done the 'forget network' but all it does is drop down the list, it doesn't disappear completely.
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