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Help Getting an apk on my phone from my PC


Mar 27, 2010
Apologies for the proper newbie question but any help would be much appreciated.

I'm trying to get an old version of the Spotify app on my Milestone as the latest version doesn't seem to work with the version of 2.2 that I have on my phone.

I've found the .apk file and downloaded it to my PC but I'm now struggling with how I get that on to my phone.

Any ideas?
Do you know how to mount your sdcard to the pc? The exact steps will vary by phone I suppose, but if you plug the phone in via USB you'll probably get a notification offering to mount it to the PC. Then you can drag the .apk onto your sdcard when it pops up on the PC.

Then you'll need a file manager, like 'Astro' from the market, to navigate to the .apk on the sdcard. Open the .apk and it should install.

You may get a message about installing apps from unknown sources, but if you click OK it will take you to a screen where you can allow installs from unknown sources. Then just open it via the file manager again and it will work.
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