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Good Droid Cases?


May 19, 2010
Toledo, OH
I looked around the forums and google for a while for new cases/skins/whatever you want to call them for my Motorola Droid. Looking for something small, and not a clip or a bag or case that you have to open. I don't really have a preference for material but I don't want a sticker.
the best I found were here
Cell Phone Accessories, Mobile Phone Accessories, Cell Phone Batteries at Accessory Geeks
I like some of the designs but most are extremely girly.
I've seen so many awesome cases with crazy designs or materials that i LOVE but t hey are all for iPhones :/

anyone have some good links?
I have had the otterbox case for the droid for over a week now and it is great. I had a body glove before and the otterbox blows it away. All ports and buttons have rubberized protection and it fits very snug and is easy to remove if needed. My friend has one too and he works on cell phone towers and his droid feel all the way from the top of a tower without any damage. I would recommend the otterbox to anyone who owns a droid. Awesome case.
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I believe you're looking for something like these:

Mobi Products Protector Case for Motorola Droid - Android Hard Cases - Droid Life

I personally have one by Mobo, which I guess is probably a knockoff of the Mobi ones in that link. I bought it at the local mall. Dude had a fair amount of them at a kiosk. The Droid is a popular phone, check out places like that. Also, try eBay.

yup, going to the mall today actually, going to check out the 3 different cell phone cases stands that are there :p
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