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Google account password


Aug 23, 2016
Hello everyone,

maybe this question is stupid for some of you, but how can I change my google password on Android phone if I don`t remember my current pass and what happens then with the account. I mean I have to sign in again in all the apps or what?
Thanks for the answer!
Yes, I need to enter my current one. And second question is when I change the pass, I should log in again everywhere on my phone or what?
That depends on the app in question. With most but not all Google apps, than once you change the password of your primary Google account you will then need to re-enter the new password -- apps like the Google Play Store app and the Gmail app rely upon that primary Google account. But this also applies to other apps, it's all conditional. The Google Phone app will use your phone number as its identifier instead, but the Google Voice app is going to be tied to a Google account. And third-party apps are not going to be dependent on your primary Google account so they won't be affected, apps such as the MS Outlook app tie into a Microsoft account, the Instagram app will require your Instagram I.D./password, etc. Depending on which app, the situation will vary.
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