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Root Google edition camera app


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Jul 21, 2011
Pontiac, Michigan


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Since I'm using cm10, I thought I'd give this new camera another whirl. It may only be happening to me, but I noticed that when you install it as a regular app, when in landscape mode, the image becomes pixelated or dithered even when all the settings are maxed out. To fix this: I went in the system/app and uninstalled gallery2.apk and dragged the new edition camera .apk in there and changed the permissions (rw-r-r-) and BAM! No more double icons, no pixelated images, and video mode works!
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Where would the Google edition camera be located since its not in the system apps?

I just took the apk from the downloads folder and dropped it into /system/app without installing it first. You don't need to install it once it gets into the system folder... If that's not what you're asking about, I believe most apps get installed in the /data/app folder.
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