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Root Google Experience lanucher

GEL wont work on my sequent I installed everything right then when i open it it says "Google Search has unexpectedly closed"

Did you install GEL in /system/app ? If so it is likely looking for a library located in the apk but can't find it. You would need to extract the lib*.so file from the apk and put it in /system/lib.

If you are unsure of what i am talking about or how to do this, I can make a flashable zip for you. I would need a link to where you got the apk.
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I would love you to do that and it doesn't matter just use any Google.home apk

Well, I grabbed an apk from Android Police and there are no libs included with the apk. Without digging further, the simple thing I thought would work will not. If you really want this launcher, grab a logcat while the launcher crashes and I will have a look. Alternatively, I noticed there are several Kit Kat launchers available on the Play store.
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How do I get the logcat
Connect phone to pc via usb cable and make sure usb debugging is enabled. Open up a terminal on your pc, cd to your adb directory, enter the following:
adb shell logcat > /sdcard/GEL_logcat.txt
post link to GEL_logcat.txt from your sdcard here. Or you could use pastebin to paste the contents.

edit: it might be slighltly different in windows. maybe "adb.exe shell logcat" instead?
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