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Google Mobile App for iPhone over Droid's Google Search Function?

Which has the better voice App?

  • Droid

    Votes: 12 92.3%
  • iPhone

    Votes: 1 7.7%

  • Total voters
I swear I used to be able to call contacts using my voice search button but now it seems to not work... I say call name and it googles that... However every so often it puts in a contact looking thing and says <add number> however when I click that it says contact does not exist. Even though that contact does however exist.

The voice dial app always works like its supposed to to voice dial but I kinda wish that the search app would call contacts as an all in one making the voice dialer app obsolete.
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Try saying CALL "person your calling" MOBILE. I noticed I have to say mobile if thats the number im calling if its a home number than i say home.

So i say CALL "john doe" HOME if im calling his house

And CALL " john Doe" MOBILE if im calling his cell.

just my experience.

Thats exactly what I do, although I tend to add the 's after the name (John Doe's). Works almost 100% of the time that way and when it doesn't, I get a pop-up selection to choose between calling the contact(s) it thinks I meant or doing a google search.
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I figured out that my problem was some fighting contacts between corporate synced things and google synced things. I realigned and cleaned up contacts and ended up having to do a factory reset so that I was only syncing with the 1 set of records then things are working just great. The only thing I really need from work isn't in my work contacts anyway... What I *WANT* is GAL access and to not have to use the corporate directory third part app in order to view GAL entries.

Edit: As far as the topic the iPhone3GS has very similar specs to that of the DROID. Both apps are written by the same organization to do the same thing. Odds are that several of the same people worked on both projects and that much of the code is probably heavily leveraged between the two (I use the term "code" loosely here and consider it to include pseudo code in this use). I don't see much reason to expect much difference between the two.
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Lots of people underestimated Apple and thought Android phones were ahead of the game. Judging by this video, it seems like a tie if not Apple has the race still won. I mean, the fluidness of iPhone is just amazing, which honestly makes it look more intriguing.

I guess you haven't used a droid? Droid does all of this. Same features, same results. Plus since google is integrated so well into the droid its very smooth.

Not sure what "fluidness" you are talking about with iPhone. The guy in the video says something and then they show you a screen shot. Perhaps you could clarify?
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