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Help Google Phone Only contacts vs My Contacts


Dec 23, 2011
Newbie here ..... I read to have a separate folder in Google contact and call it Phone and sync that to my LG Optimus V. I am connecting via WiFi for now and it did sync My Contacts but not Phone Contacts. Any help to sync only Phone Contact (separate folder) or is it better to have My Contacts sync and leave well enough alone? Thanks!
Quick question...this was so close to my issue.

Everytime I make a new contact now, it automatically adds it as a Google contact. I want to add a contact as a phone contact only - ie it doesn't sync with my Google account. I see no way to allow it to do that...I actually rooted my phone thinking that would enable it..nope.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.
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I turned off sync setting.
If you change ROM's you loose them.
If you turn on sync there synchronized.

The best thing to do is just get a note app that allows you to long press to open a link or put the number in the phone dial page. I think "Note Everything" will.
I'll check it out and tell you what I find.

It worked. I put a number on a note page. Exited, then whent back in. The number was blue. Long pressed it. Selected open link, and the dialer page poped up with the number displayed. Just didn't actually hit the call button.
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