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Help Google sign in error


Feb 6, 2011
Hi everyone. I've searched all over but I can't find a solution to my problem. I'm getting a "sign in error" all the time and when I go to sign in it won't accept my password. it says "authenticating" but then it goes back to the little sign in window. I am positive that I'm inputting it correctly. I can log in on my desktop with no problem. I've tried several things already: changing my password, clearing Gmail's data, I've restarted the phone and taken the battery out but nothing has worked. Under the "Accounts and Sync" setting, the sync icon next to my Gmail account is red but next to Facebook it is green. I tested it by adding another Gmail account and it was green too. I'd really like some help because my phone is basically crippled now and it's really pissing me off.
Try clearing data and cache for the GMail app, go to menu > settings > applications > GMail.
I've already tried that and it didn't work.

Do you have the setting checked to show the password as you type it? I'd try changing the password to something as simple as google will allow.
Do you have problems with inputting any other passwords?
I changed it to show the letters and it is correct and it still is not accepting it. And I was able to log into and sync a secondary gmail account that I never use successfully.
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Check out post #11 of this thread:

It's the only hope I've seen for this type of thing but I haven't verified it for myself. Seems most end up in factory reset land which is total BS and unacceptable for such a trivial thing. They made this too difficult.

That didn't work either. Darn. This might be a silly question but I just want to be sure, a factory reset is going to delete everything from the phone and it will be just like the day I bought it, correct?
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Depends on when you bought it. I think major updates like switching from 2.1 to 2.2 stick for unrooted users. So if you bought your phone at release and updated to 2.2 after it came out, you'd reset back to the first day of 2.2, therefore not like when you bought it. If you bought it and all you've ever know is 2.2, this scenario doesn't apply anyway. I think this is how it works but I've been rooted for so long I've forgotten some things about stock so I may be wrong.

Probably a little more info that you were interested in. Bottom line, you'll lose all your apps so you might want to use Appbrain to make a retreivable list of your apps unless you have other provisions for restoring apps. Hopefully somebody will come along with a better solution but these Google login problems often seem to end in a similar fashion. I.E. sucky.
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