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GPS location not working after Factory reset


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Mar 15, 2010
New Jersey
So I did the factory reset and reinstalled all my apps...everything working fine so far. Previous glitches have not resurfaced. However, LOL, now Beautiful widget/HTC clock-weather is acting up. It keeps saying my GPS location is Vilnius....I'm no where near Lithuania.

I've updated the progaming &roaming twice and toggled geo location multiple times...
LOL...I was sitting on my couch watching TV.

Before I went to bed, I turned my GPS location onto street level and left it as "Current Location". I plugged it into to charge as well overnight. I woke up and I was still in Lithuania. I unplugged it from charging, set my location to the closest mega city (NYC), and turned it off for 5 minutes. I then turned it back and removed NYC and left it only as current city. It found my hometown. I drove to work and it says my work location. It's seems to be fixed now. I'll let you know if I start globetrotting again.
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