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May 17, 2010
well i downloaded an emulator, and was told i could put games on my phone. in the process of trying i must have hacked my phone. ask me how i have no idea. my android has been deleting the contacts off my phone and when i try to import them they never stay on my phone. its pretty annoying. if some one could point me in the right direction, im new to the forum and i just want my phone to be back to normal and stop running slow. thank you.
What emulator? Have you installed a different ROM? Is the phone new? Is it stock? More information would help us be able to help you.

If it *is* stock, try a battery pull first. Remove the battery from the phone for a few seconds and then put it back and power up. That *may* fix it.

Otherwise, you might have to do a factory reset. It's easy to do, and you should be good. I think. You will lose whatever data you have put on it.

Instructions to factory reset are here in the first post.

Make sure you let us know how it went.

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