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Root Hard Bricked Warp Sequent

Hey guys. I have been at this for a while. Basically i was running cwm recovery and cm10 (unofficial), and one day i accidently flashed a rom that was built for another phone. Now i cant enter recoveries. Odin recognizes the device with the yellow bix as com:6 or something. Any ideas?:thinking:
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i do not have your device, but i do know that flashing something not made for you device is a recipe for disaster:(

hopefully guys here can set you straight......but i know from experience with htc phone's, there is not much you can do:( this is a sure way to brick a htc phone......i have seen this many times before and i have yet to see one get revived.

good luck
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probably wouldnt sell, and if it did youd be ripping the other person off horribly kuz there is nothing anyone can do other than zte

that being said, your timing couldnt be better with this one, tell them their new ota did it and make them give you a new one lol

That is what I did when I first rooted the phone. Some how, I bricked it. I took it back to BestBuy and they didn't even look twice. The sales associate didn't even turn on the phone. I assume it's because of the price of the phone. They just exchanged it for a new one. I told them it was because of an OTA and that I accidentally unplugged my phone while updating and didn't have the battery life to complete the update.
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