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First time poster, just got my TB on Thursday.

What cases are people using? I'm looking to get a hardshell case (non silicone or anything else that will make it stick to my pockets when I slide it in and out)

I originally bought the hardshell that verizon corpo store had, but they couldn't get it the two pieces to lock together at the store so they returned it.


On a side note, has anyone noticed the little water damage indicator on the right side of the battery near where the antenna contacts for the battery door start peeling off just from simply removing and reattaching the battery door? I'm worried this may become a problem in the long run if I ever need to warranty it.
I bought the hard shell cases from Seidio and Incipio....both are great cases, not sticky, easy to slide out of pockets....Personally, I preder the Incipio, but the Seidio is a great case too...more color options with Seidio...I also have the Case Mate Pop Case which I feel looks the best, but also adds the most bulk to the phone...
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I'm using the Seidio active X, which might be what you're looking for. It's a silicone cover with a harder skeleton over it. The hard part isn't quite plastic and still had some grip so it doesn't slide around and enough of the silicone is exposed to give good grip when holding it.

It does add some size, but its manageable for sure.
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