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Help Has anyone else had a lack of responsiveness randomly from their touchscreen?

nice video. yes. Mine happening predominately on stock 4.0.2. AOKP 4.0.4 ROM it's only ever happened once and LiquidSmooth 4.0.4 ROM it NEVER happens.

By the way, I've had it happen where my touch is non-responsive without having to wig-out the phone...just on the home screen trying to tap an icon to open.

It has only happened once on AOKP a lot on liquid and axiom. Never on gummy and sometimes on stock or cm9. I wan't to know if i should try and get a refurb or if it's rom related..
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On stock Jelly Bean I have an issue.

Try this:

1: unlock phone
2: tap the home button a ton of times, it should register almost every time if not every single time.
3: hit the recent app button and go to any other recent app that was open already.
4: go back to the home screen (i find i have to press the home button twice to even get there at this point)
5: now tap the home button quickly and repeatedly again

I find that the home button only registers if i press pretty hard now, otherwise it never registers my touch at all. Anyone else? This is a GSM GN on 4.1.1.
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Yes I've had it on occasion, but it is very random. When it does happen, it doesn't last very long. I notice it most when in the phandroid app...what happens is I'll click on a thread/post then start to scroll and as I'm reading/scrolling the touch input is extremely sluggish/slow/unresponsive. It goes away within seconds though. One of those weird anomalies with one of "today's gadgets" I guess
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