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hate my droid x, want a Droid Incredible instead....


May 12, 2010
so here is the situation. at first, i wanted to buy a Droid X but they were all out of stock at the verizon store near me, so i left with a droid incredible instead. but surprisingly for me i liked the incredible a lot more then i expected that i would. and i used my incredible for a few weeks but then i started noticing the speaker on the front wasnt working right, it would make a static noise during a phone call. and i have not even reached the 30 day limit with this phone so i returned the incredible back to the vzw store again but instead of getting a new incredible i decided to get a droid x instead like i originally planned to get. and i have been using this droid x for about a few weeks now and i must say, i liked my Droid Incredible MUCH better. the incredible was much faster, and sexier. so now i am wondering if verizon will let me take back my Droid x and once again get a Droid incredible instead, i really miss my incredible and im really starting to hate this phone.

so if you didnt get that the first time in short. i had a droid incredible, i loved it, but it broke. so i got a droid x and hated it. now i want to return it and get an incredible again, but i want to know if verizon will actually let me do that.

and on an unrelated not if verizon DOES let me get an incredible again will i have one of the newer models with the SLCD displays? does any one know if this screen looks any better then the older screens? just wondering
Verizon gives you 30 days to exchange a phone and if you want to trade it (Incredible for Droid X) you can but you have to pay a $35 restocking fee (which I'm guessing you did).

You can only make this exchange once. Now, you may be able to finagle a new incredible out of Verizon depending on who you deal with...but it would not be the company's standard practice to do so.

You could sell the Droid X and probably get $350-$400 for it. Then you could buy a used Droid Incredible for about the same amount. Check out Ebay and their auctions for both devices. You may be able to walk away with an even trade (but you may spend another $50-$100 out of pocked for a new Incredible).
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