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Root Headset music bug - galaxo fix


Apr 13, 2010

Unplugged headset bug was pissing me off so much that I decided to work with it.
Galaxo 1.6.3.x is really great and kicks ass.

If music app annoys you after unplugging headset just delete it.

Delete from system/app two files:

No need to restart, unplug your headphones and enjoy quiet.

Instead of crappy music.apk use Meridian from market
it wont let me pull that apk and odex from the device which makes it a bitch if i want to push it back

also "cubed" gets triggered by headset removal if controll button is active and i need it active as i use it on the train to start and stop music

Edit. Backed up apk amd odex then removed them. Cubed still triggered by same bug
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This issue can also be replicated if you listen to music with headphones, disconnect them. Then if you haven't rebooted your phone mount your SD and unmount it. It will go back to playing music....

And I can also confirm, deleting those two apk files will do nothing. It seems something is wrong or crashing when we unplug the headphones that keeps the music "playing" in the memory.
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