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Help Help! - My Battery wont last 1 day!!


Oct 27, 2010

Got my Desire HD at the weekend, and am really struggling with the battery life, I dont use the phone much at all, couple of calls (less than an hour) checked facebook a couple of times, a read about 5 e-mails. Charged overnight and then by 9pm last night it was on its last legs telling me to plug it in!!

Please can you help me, I have turned the apps to sync manually under settings-accounts & sync. Is there anything else I can do??

Already used nearly 50% off the battery today and I havent even used the phone!!!!!!

Many thanks

Check what is using the battery - Menu/settings/about phone/battery/ .... It'll probably say the display is about 60+%. That's what mine does. Charging once per day is about the norm for a *smart*phone such as this. The price we pay for having such a ginormous screen.

That said, do a 'search' on the forum for battery tips. I also reckon that a future OTA update will help matters, but don't quote me on that. Spare battery and a car charger all help as the batteries we have these days don't mind being charged up a lot, unlike the old NiCd ones.

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It says its the andriod OS that is using 65%, display 17%

I am happy charging the phone every night, Im used to it as I had an iphone, but for it not to even last a day when I hardly touched it??

Today I have not used the phone, and is now at 50% battery. That surely is not right??

Thanks for you help, I just think there must be something I can do to make the battery at least last a day cos if not I will be taking it back!!

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