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Help Help!!! my lenovo tab a10-30(tb2x30l) has been bricked!

Hey, This is my first post, hope it goes well

What happened was,
-->I installed a custom rom(LineageOS) with the help of twrp recovery installed from xda(link below) and I have succesfully installed the rom and also intalled root with it
-->Later, after further use of the new rom, ,it was uncomfortable. It was not as fast and compactable as the original rom so I decided to revert back to the official and original rom.
-->But This is where I made a big mistake, I was to try to clear the data and try if the custom rom fixed but instead, I wiped up the whole rom and no backup!!!
-->Now, I cannot go into recovery mode, bootloader and whichever vol+ and vo- and power, all combinations boot me to twrp.
-->luckyly, the adb sideload is working and it is not detected in the lenovo downloader software for me to flash.
Any help? Please help me.

TWRP - https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/recovery-lenovo-tab-a10-30f-l-twrp-2-x.3442588/

BTW - I'm on windows 11
if you have twrp just re-flash the rom or your nandroid backup......you did make a nandroid backup before flashing lineage, correct?

if not than that was a huge mistake. nandroid backups are a complete backup of your phone. it is kind of like a save point in a video game. if you mess up or die in the game, you can always go back to the last save point. same thing with nandroid backups. you mess up, you can always go back to your backup. anytime you make changes to your phone always do a nandroid backup first. also i would not only keep them on your sd card, but i would also keep them on your computer as well.
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sorry but this is the price you pay for:
1.rooting any device is always risky
2.for rooting a device that has no developers to back your device. trying a custom recovery not made specifically for your device is way too chancy. also not having a backup plan is not good either.....meaning...not having a firmware update or a nandroid backup to flash in case something goes wrong is bad, especially before you flash a custom rom.

i have no experience with lenovo and how they flash fiirmware updates.

just found this:

have you tried this?
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