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Root Help please: Microsoft Exchange not working on many ROMs

Really? I can only connect to my Exchange server when using non-Sense based ROMs.

Are you using froyo ROMs and connecting to exchange? I am currently running xtrROM 3.03 (also a non-sense ROM) and was able to connect to exchange. But when I went to try Tainted Tenzo (what I thought was sense-ish) I could not access the exchange sign-up.

xtrROM 3.03 rocks, but a rooted phone is like crack - I can't put it down and would love to live on other ROMs as long as I can get work email too.
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I'm currently on xtrROM which does not work with my company's exchange server. I'm using Touchdown which works well.

I believe that I was able to use the default mail client to connect when I tried 2.2 but I've only spent a couple of days on 2.2 before going back to xtr. I seem to have the best luck on 2.1 with Hero-based ROMs when I try to use exchange. For some reason anything based on a Verizon ROM won't accept the certificate.

FYI, My company's exchange server works with the Hero, Droid, Droid X, Incredible, etc. The Eris (and possibly the G1) is the only phone that does not work using the built-in email client.
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That's cool. I've been itching to try tazz 5/6. When you say "pushed" what do you mean exactly? Did you have to do anything fancy?

"push email", like the gmail app, the Google servers push email to your phone, saving you battery time. if you setup the exchange account (takes 30seconds to setup) its setup as push (unless you want to check it at time intervals you select). Push is best because the mail program just sits in the background and pickups email as the exchange server receive new email it pushes it to your phone. if you have it set to time intervals the program will literally phone home (exchange) and ask if there is email if no email then it goes idle until the next time period (15mins,30mins, 1hr, whatever you set it to), that tends to drain more battery since its using more cpu.
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This is great info - thanks guys! I may have figured it out though. I think it has something to do with my personal exchange service. I hope I'm right. I have to try some other ROMs. BTW exchange works on Tazz v6. Sadly I had to revert to FAT 32 formatting to try it. I may not partition any more - I don't have that many apps anyways.

I'll post my results when I get the chance.
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