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Help please?


Dec 1, 2009
Whats up guys! I just got my Hero, I'm super excited, and so far i only have two problems that I have been trying to get resolved by looking at these forums and a couple of other sites. First one is the Current city problem that I have seen a couple of times and haven't really found an answer for. I deleted the city i didn't want from the weather app, but it stays in the HTC clock widget and i cant change it, and I also cant get that city off the clock app where it is under "current city". I know you've been through it before, and I'm not expecting a simple fix (reset maybe?). Second, my text messaging is only appearing in two threads, one for my girlfriend and one for everyone else. I thought it was simply something with the HTC messaging app so I got handscent, and it ended up doing the same thing lol. Any ideas?
ive tried that, and nothing happens. the clock i guess isnt a big deal, i could live without it, what is starting to annoy me is the messaging app. All my messages appear on two threads, my messages from one person go into one thread, while all the rest go into the other. Ive installed handscent, and it does the same thing. I'm thinking of just doing a reset but i don't know if that guarantees anything. any suggestions?
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