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Root Help with 32 gig card


Aug 2, 2010
I am going mental!!! 10 hours i have been trying to do this...................

I have a desire which was rooted and using leedroid with a2sd functionality on an 8gig card.

I have just got a Sandick 32 gig card (which the phone can see and says is a 32 gig card)

Am trying to use a different rom now (any!!) but some such as the leedroid I dont think support the 32 gig card.

So I have downloaded Modaco and got that working, but it is not the A2sd one (that froze) so I am trying to partition my sd card using rom manager to then try again with modadco a2sd. But when my phone reboots through rom manager ot says this
e:signature length doesn't match eocd marker

I have tried to partition it using gparted and just cant get the thing to work!!!

Any ideas?


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