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Help Help with finding an android phone

All my dad knows is apple. He has never used an android phone or tablet before, and he is a tablet user, He wants to get a big phone, (the 6 plus is way out of budget), about 6" or above. He keeps finding 6 or 7 inch phones on amazon for cheap, but they are from Chinese companies that I have never heard of. I keep pushing him not to get one because he would probably never get an OTA and customer service would be awful.
The only phone that he has found that he likes and that I agree with is the BLU Studio 7", but it doesn't have a very good processor, and he doesn't like slow things.

He needs an international phone.
It might help if you could let us know where you are on the planet, what networks he wants to use, how much he wants to pay, do you want to buy the phone outright, or as part of a contract from your network.

He wants a phone that would work in Europe (lots of business trips)-screw Vodafone, any other network will work. Unlocked would be best (constantly moving). He wants to keep the price under $250.
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Huawei Nexus 6P. It is a Nexus so it will be updated regularly. Specs are great. I'm jealous of all my friends that have one, and Huawei is offering $50 off the Gold version right now.

Thanks for the reply, but thats too much money. He wants to keep the price tag at $250 or less
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If he wants a budget phone with a large screen and a fast processor I think he needs to adjust his expectations a bit. Also, if his mindset on tech gadgets in general doesn't allow for adaptability and change, there's a good possibility he won't even be happy using any Android phone if all he's ever used are Apple devices. Some people bounce back and forth between platforms, some don't. You might want to talk to him about bumping up his allotted budget, sometimes sacrificing extra money is worth long term peace of mind. If he buys something cheap, it most likely will become problematic sooner rather than later.
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It sounds like the OP's father wants a flagship Android for a fraction of the price. The only way to obtain that would be to look at older versions of said device. Otherwise, expect to pay more.
The used phone market sounds like one of the few options available. But it's going to take some searching to find an unlocked, international phone with a 6" screen, a $250 limit, and all the other features he wants. And buying from lessor known sources can be risky as you don't know if the phone is still locked by a previous open contract or what. Sites like swappa.com check out the products they re-sell, gazelle.com does too (but their selections are more limited than swappa).
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The Nexus 6 is a beast of a phone with a 6 inch display and you can buy it directly from Motorola for $350 now. I know that's a little higher than the price you're asking for but I've seen them occasionally on Amazon for $250-$300.
I believe the North American version (XT1103) will work in Europe, or at least in parts of it.

If you want to know if it will work in specific counties on specific carriers you can use: http://www.willmyphonework.net

I wasn't sure if he only wanted the phone to work in Europe or if you meant he lives in North America but also wants it to work in Europe?
Anyway, they have two models:
1.) North America (XT1103)
2.) International (XT1100)

From what I understand they both support the same bands for the most part but the international version supports band 20 wheras the north american version doesn't.
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