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Root Help with rooting the Samsung Captivate


Aug 1, 2010

I just bought the At&t Samsung Captivate on its release date, I'm very new to this Android software. I've been reading up on ways to root this new phone and after every attempt I have failed to do so. I returned my iPhone 4 because of this issue it was having, but coming from the iOS software to this has been confusing to say the least. If there is anyone on these forums that could aid me in anyway I would be so very thankful. I have tried googling many different sites to help but none have worked. Google
1. This should take about 2
minutes to root your
phone using your phone.
2. Using "Browser ",
Download the zip file from SGH-I897 Root Update.zip - File Shared from Box.net - Free Online File Storage
1. The file will download
to / sdcard/ download
1. Open a program called
"My Files " and go to /
sdcard/ download
1. Click and hold on the zip file you just downloaded. A
list will appear and click
rename. and name it
"update" . Do not
put .zip in it's name.
1. Click and hold the newly
named "Update .zip". List
will appear , click Move .
Then click move here at
bottom . That will move it
to / sdcard/
1. Turn off your phone.
1. Hold down both the
volume keys and power
key . Let go of the power
button after seeing
initial boot screen .
1. Select Reinstall Packages
from the recovery menu
using Volume Up and
Down to navigate , and
Power to select
1. The Phone will reboot,
and you will have root
privileges , and the
Superuser program
installed .
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I trust these threads for rooting. Try the zip files from these sites.


Thanks a lot but I actually just wound up going through the same process I'd been banging my head against the wall with for the past few days, and now somehow magically, the phone's rooted.

Whatever- I'll take it!

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Ive been going screen by screen and now I just need to ask the question. What does Rooting your phone do? Is it worth it?

Lets you give superuser permissions to applications (administrator mode in a way), lets you sideload very easily (doable without rooting, though), lets you unlock the market to see the apps ATT doesn't want you to see, and lets you backup EVERYTHING.

The main reason I did it was to check out Cognition (a 2.2 Froyo [the next version of the Android OS] optimized leak). I also did it so I could use Titanium Backup to back up EVERYTHING. I restored my phone back to normal earlier today and it literally put it EXACTLY how I had it prior to wiping the phone to check out Cognition.
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welcome to this wonderful forum
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