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Help Helppp make it stop!!


Nov 23, 2009
SO I am trying to email a few photos to my home address, it has taken a half hour and has dropped my battery 43% in that 30 mins...any way to stop the email? Its also blocking all in coming mail to the phone

EDIT This is soo frustrating, it just sits attempting to load conversations in my inbox and eats my battery

just press and hold the top power button to turn off the phone.

if no response, pull the battery.

ur photos may be too large to send and if you are in a fringe cell area that too could be eating your power supply...

I have done all of this, it just keeps spooling.. I am at work I send emails from here all the time. it has taken 45 minutes, and no the email has not gone outbound. I realize the pics are to large and I just want to stop the message from sending. Not running 46 either, i have had this phone for a while and am familiar with it.
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what am I long pressing? I dont see the message any where...thanks for all of the replys

explain exactly what it is that you are seeing? is it the sync signal up in the notification bar? if it were an email "sending" you would have an email with "sending" below it...and it not go away

assuming that sync symbol is the issue

i had this issue last week, but I am rooted


turn off sync in menu.settings.accounts and sync turn off everything...but in my case it was facebook

put phone in airplane mode

power cycle phone

now...in my case i am rooted, and once turned back on the phone got stuck in sync again. to fix in my case i had to flash my rom and kernel again, but without wiping all data, just wiped dalvick and cache. it fixed whatever was wrong and my settings were maintained. even restoring nandroid backups did not resolve the issue

if you are not rooted, a full wipe/factory data reset would be the solution if the above method does not work ...i would give it a few days just in case it is a gmail or facebook issue, as both have been having network issues

this may not be the only fix...it's what worked for me though
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