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Hide notification content?


Mar 7, 2021
New adopter of an s21 here after my S8 threw itself carelessly on the floor one too many times...

On my old phone, when I received an SMS or other notification, the phone would show a notification 'new SMS received'. On the new phone, the notification tells me the sender and displayed the content of the message (also, emails, push notifications from chrome and just about everything else). I do not wa t to see the content of the messages in the notification, I would just like to be alerted to the fact that I have 'a' notification, but without being shown the contents.

Googlefu has failed me and all I seem to be able find is a million guides on how to hide content on the lock screen.

Can anyone advise on how I can prevent the content of messages/emails etc from being shown in the pull down notifications bar please?

Pretty please??


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