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Root Hitting my head against a wall

So today I rooted my Droid X, deodexed it, installed Bootstrapper and Rom manager premium.

On the stock Verizon Droid X, all my contacts carried over from my Blackberry using Backup assistant. I then backed up my phone using the Rom Manager. Installed Apex V 1.0 by Fabolous. Overlayed the rom with Revolution and then the Alternate Battery theme.

Everything goes perfect up until that point. I can't get my contacts back for the life of me. I thought they would sink up with Gmail, but they didn't - and my Gmail account has 0 contacts.

I installed the apk for the Backupassistant. It installed again, no problems.

Then it force closes. and Force closes andddddddd Force closes.

Please help before I throw the phone :p:thinking:

P.S. I cannot thank you all enough for the amount of information I've learned in the past week from this site.
Reinstalling Blur Apps

If there's a Blur app you just gotta have, you can reinstall it using the install script. Download the following file:


Those are all the apps from the stock 2.3.15 system I removed. Copy the one(s) you want to your sdcard, and install by typing the following into terminal emulator:

install Backupassistanceclient.apk

Follow that please you need to install Backupassitance and android sync service

if you do that then you can sync your contacts from Backup Assitance
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go to my accounts, click on the gmail account, does it say contacts have ever synced? obviously they arent syncing, but does it give the time and date of the last sync?
try going to your contacts on myverizon, and export to .csv. there should be a button for that near the top right. once you have done that, go to google.com/contacts, and import that same file. then try syncing again.
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I did it manually as suggested and it worked. Not sure why or how that happened, but hopefully it works itself out.

Thank you all very much for the help.

awesome man. glad i could help. just to make sure it is working (and you dont have to do this now, of course) but sometime you have a chance, add a contact to your phone sometime during the day, then go into gmail that night and see if it synced.
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