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Help home button goes to launcherpro.com

So I searched and hope this isn't a repeat thread. So I never upgraded to the new version of launcher pro and just about ten minutes ago I hit my home button and it automatically takes me to launcherpro.com and says that my current version is expired and to download the new one. Problem is I can't get to the market because my home button doesn't work. So all that works is my browser, 4 physical buttons, and I can pull down my notification bar. So I really need to figure out a way to get to the market or switch to touchwiz. Please help! Thanks. :thinking:
Well, I've restarted my phone several times and of course when you restart it automatically starts on the home screen, but mine now starts on the home screen but nothing shows up but my background picture then a few seconds later it automatically launches the browser to launcherpro.com with the same message of my version has expired. ugh....I'm so stuck right now!
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