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May 15, 2010
Am i correct in saying you can 'personalise' the 7 home screens?

The main screen with the clock and weather on it....can this be altered to simply show a photograph?

what would others suggest the other screens are set as

I have a facebook account that i use and also have my emails sent to the phone..other than that i dont really know what to do with them

photo libary maybe?
If you leave the center Home empty, it will show a nice display of your wallpaper. If you want a specific picture fot that scree, HTC has a widget for that called photo frame.

The personalisation of your screens range from using widgets which cover the screen (Friendstream, photo frame), widgets which does a specific task(Weather, youtube) or just shortcuts(any app).

You know how to remove widgets and move them around right? tap and hold. drag to desired location or trash on the bottom
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My 'home screen' currently has a massive clock and also the local weather

i would prefer it to simply have a nice picture of my 4 year old

how do i achieve this, if it is possible

Just put the picture on as a background as above and then remove all the widgets from the front screen by holding your finger down on them and then when 'remove' appears at the bottom, drag them down to that to clear everything off the screen. You'll be left with a clear home screen and you can simply add any widgets you want onto any of the six other screens.
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The original clock from the front screen is from the 'clock' widget by HTC (note: not 'analogue clock').

When you go to add it again to a screen, just hit '+' at the bottom, add widget, clock, then pick the style, It's the third style you want for the original one, but you may find something else in there as there's a good few to choose from!

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