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Help How do I backup my MMS messages?


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Jul 31, 2010
I just spent hours backing up all my messages with some crap app that said it backed up all your sms AND mms messages only to find out it only backs up the sms ones. Upon further searching I noticed that every app I found no longer backs up mms, even though a lot of them say they do. Why is this? I have over 100 of them so its not really an option to go through and save each picture individually. Anyone have any ideas? I am unrooted.
Apps like Backup Everything and MyBackup Pro claim to be able to. What have you already tried? I have never tested these apps for that purpose, so I can't say it will do exactly what you want. You'll have to try it out and see. I know most of the strictly SMS backup apps out there won't do it.

MyBackup Pro didn't restore the MMS on my Droid... It was on the main reasons I purchased the app. Titanium Backup didn't either.

Edit: MyBackup Pro did restore my MMS, but only from the first backup I did. I tried on the later backups, and they failed.

SMS Backup will back them up to your gmail account.

Download SMS Backup + for your Android phone on AppBrain

This app is only for SMS messages, not MMS...
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I was seeking for this same thing. Thanks for the last post, I tested Backup to Gmail. and it works. This application creates another label called MMS for them, and the pictures are shown as attachments. Title and content text of the MMS is also present. I think it's what you are looking for as it is what I am.
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