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Help How does it know.... (screen shutoff during call)


Android Enthusiast
Apr 22, 2010
Western PA
How does this phone know it is close to my face? Allow me to explain...

When you make a call, you naturally put the phone up to your ear. I noticed that as soon as it is near my face, the screen shuts off. At first, I thought it was the motion of bringing your phone up to the ear that does it. But test it by putting your hand near it and it shuts the screen off.

So why is this an issue...

I have a number programmed that uses P's (pauses). It pauses for 3xP's while the phone rings, then enters a couple more digits (my office voicemail code). But when the screen shuts off, it never dials the additional digits. If I hold the phone in front of me, the screen stays on and it dials all of the numbers.

So how does it know the phone is up to my ear? I would like to shut this feature off...


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