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How to Back Up


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Dec 5, 2009
I've searched this forum and can't find an answer and couldn't find it in the manual either. How do you properly back up this phone in case you have to do a hard reset? I have copied all files on the SD card to my computer, but how would you reload the apps? Just go to Market again?
Try searching the market for an app that backs up your phone. I know there are a few (some paid and some free) that back up your phone onto their server. Personally, I use WaveSecure ... and its free. It will backup your contacts, SMS, media and call logs (but not your Apps yet) onto their server. You can also lock your phone remotely, requireing a password to unlock it. You can find your phone using the GPS ... and if all else fails, you can erase all personal info from your phone remotely.



Sorry, I dont know how to back up apps though. But from what I understand you would be able to download any purchased apps without buying them again.
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i use wavesecure more for security. i use mybackup app (search it) for backups as it does apps as well.

funny how apps backup though. after a wipe you tell it to reinstall or whatever, you actually have to go thru the process of clicking "install" and "ok" for each app. at least it remembers most of them and makes it faster though.

I dont know if having the apps on a backup is worth the $4.99.
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