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Root How to copy a stock ROM from one OpV to another OpV?


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Jun 10, 2011
I have an OpV running ZV9 and cannot root, or not easy to root, so running stock ROM. I went to Walmart today, and bought an OpV for $39.95. It is brand new, NIB, came with 2G sd card, adapter and USB cable. This compared quite favoribly to ebay and selling old/used OpV for $60.

Anyhow, the new OpV running zv5, in no time, it is rooted, CWM installed, and is ready for any custom ROM I should choose. My question, can someone give me a step by step instructions, how to copy my new zv5 OpV to the old zv9 Opv, so that I can root and play with custom ROM on my old OpV? TIA,

One very dumb question, can I rename the backup image from CWM into update.zip, copy this to an sd card, and inserted into the old zv9 OpV and use the native recovery command, "... install update from SD." , would that work?

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I have an SDK folder with all the needed folders inside to get adb working.
Here: https://app.box.com/s/k3tdofc40xzizfu9gd5g
This is for Windows. Put it on the root of the C: drive.
Then copy down the path to the adb.exe (example: C:/SDK/platform-tools).
Go to your environmental variables. Select "path". Select to edit. Put path into new box that pops up (example: ;C:/SDK/platform-tools).
Note: You need the ; in front to seperate the paths or everything will be messed up.
Reboot computer. Plug phone in. Open Command Prompt (CLi) and type in:
adb devices
If your path is set properly , the LG drivers are installed properly, and you turned on USB debugging in the phones settings, then you will get the phones s/n displayed.
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I hope you all using virgin mobile at some point. I want to extract the virgin mobile activate.apk as one go with custom ROM, you lost the app. You need that app if your phone is out of circuit, or swap phone or whatever, it is important to have it around. I looked over /system/apps and did not find it. Anybody know where is the activate.apk?


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