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Help How to install downloaded zipped applications


Jun 14, 2010
I need help installing applications that I downloaded from a friend. They are in the form of zipped files. Is there anyone that can help me. Possibly send me a link with directions on how to install. I searched for the thread but had no luck. First of all I downloaded the file and it is zipped. So i unzipped it and copied the unzipped files onto my sd card into an applications folder I had created. From there I opened the applications folder with Astro but I dont know where to go from here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

If those files end in .tar.gz you've certainly gotten some backup files that you're never going to get installed - it's possible the same is true for whatever else you have.

On the other hand - if all you get unzipped are files ending in .apk, then while in ASTRO, a single tap will either launch the installer or give you the dialog to do just that.

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they are in some sort of xml format. I'm not sure. Yeah I was looking for the .apk files but was unable to find them. I was told that if I download through my phone it will download as html and I have to change them to .apk. I was unable to download through my phone as well so I don't know what to do
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same with me..ive got a problem on com.htc.bgp,it force closes on its own..I had read from other sites that I have to download weatherprovider.apk and weatherprovider.odex to change the old app.I downloaded the said apps and tried to install it into the phone..the problem is it says,"there's a problem parsing the package"..I tried to install those apps by rooting my phone..

best wishes,
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I guess my first question is what are you trying to install that you can't get from the Play Store already? I'm not accusing you of anything, but I hope you're not trying to install someone else's copy of a paid app.

EDIT: Never mind, I now realize this thread is super old. My opinion stands :)

I agree with your opinion :) also you need to be careful trying to run even free apps that a friend has especially if they have a different phone. Some apps are phone specific so it may give you major problems anyways.
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