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Help how to let network know that 2.2 is already downloaded


Jul 27, 2010
Hi all,

I have rooted my droid, and am on a flavor of Liquid Frozen Yogurt that has Froyo.

I am still receiving the notifications that upgrade to 2.2 is available.

Is there anyway to let the VZW network know that upgrade is not necessary or that the upgrade has already taken place?

Can anyone suggest a ROM that does this?

My girlfriend and I get the same notification. It just keeps coming back no matter what we do.... this seems a little radical, but is the only solution I could find:

There are two ways to fix this... fool the system to show you running the latest... edit build prop... o rename the OTA.CERT to OTA.BAK.

if you need a script to do this I can do one tonight.
source: OTA 2.2 notification

Haven't tried either yet though.
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