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Help How to stop screen dimming in browser?


I got a Galaxy Nexus today and so far I am enjoying my first foray back in to Androidland after a few years. JB is amazing!

One issue that is making me crazy.... with auto brightness turned off, and screen set to about 80% (I like a bright screen, so sue me! ;) ), the screen visibly dims when going in to apps with an overall white UI. So far I have noticed it mostly in the stock web browser and in Chrome. It happens so fast you cant see the actual shift unless you hit a text input box and the keyboard comes up. When this happens the screen goes back to the set brightness, but as soon as the keyboard goes away, the screen dims again. I would say by about 10% or so.

I have done Google searched til my eyes bleed, and I can tell ya I have found about a hundred threads all discussing this issue on the Galaxy S3 but none on the Nexus. For the S3, there is a setting in the menu for the browser that sets its power saving separately from the overall system. Unless I am blind, that menu option does not exist in stock JB, with either browser I have installed.

Any help on this would be immensely appreciated!


I've seen this on my nexus. It only happens if to me if I have auto brightness turned on, then turn it off and manually set a level. After that, any time I open a new window the screen brightens momentarily and then dims. The only way to stop it is to turn the phone off and on.... and stay away from auto brightness. If I never ever use auto brightness it doesn't happen again. Is only after using it and then disabling it that I see the dimming.
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