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Accessories HTC Desire case

hey guys does anyone know a good case where you can see the HTC logo on the back of the phone while it has the case on it? i like the logo on the back and wana show it off.

are you serious? there is a sticky topic with 20 pages called, surprisingly, Htc Desire cases pointing in your face and yet you shamelessly open topic with same name asking about, imagine, HTC Desire cases. So how to expect people to use search (cause most of the questions about Desire are already answered) when sticky topics are not seen or not wanted to be seen.
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yeah i've been to that thread but its too much posts and its hard to find the right case, and btw your link directs me to an item that is not for sale anymore, do you have another link?

so it's hard for you to find the right case in the appropriate topic but it's not hard for people who obey the rules to find what they looking for with this amount of unnecessary topics. and even with explanation that you have given, I don't understand why you couldn't ask the same question there instead of opening new topic.
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I have a smoke/black gel Flexicase from eBay, you can see the HTC logo and it fits the Desire perfectly...

BLACK RESIN Soft Gel Case for the HTC DESIRE on eBay (end time 20-Aug-10 13:27:38 BST)

hey eris, is the case like actually black black or is it see thru?

i found this and it mite be the same as yours
plz reply, thanks

BLACK RESIN Soft Gel Case for the HTC DESIRE on eBay (end time 21-Aug-10 14:50:49 BST)
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