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htc desire problems



I recently brought a htc desire which I think is a great phone but I have recently found out some flaws.

When I upload pic from my phone to twitter ect the pictures look really dull and poor quality.

Also the web browser is very slow and Im using home wifi which I have no problems with on any other device.

I wonder if anyone can help me out on these issues or are these common problems?

If its photos then play with the camera brightness settings or try uploading a picture from the web to see it still happens. Are you using a unbranded desire or a network branded, as my desire had a crappy internet app from Orange my network provider, after unbranding my phone its much happier, try dolphin hd from the android market
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Hi i am having the same problem, i have recently got an htc desire and i love it...the photo quality is excellent on my phone but yet when i upload onto facebook, twitter etc. the photos are coming out quite dull and greyish. Why is this? and would i be able to fix it? On the phone they look great....please help :)
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