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HTC Incredible Rooting and Stock Android OS


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Nov 17, 2009
So through a stroke of luck an old college buddy works for VZW and was able to get me a free Incredible. I currently have the Droid, which I love, although I've been considering swapping my phone.

When they root the Incredible, (which is only a matter of time!) I may be interested on putting just stock Android on the phone instead of Sense. I've got a Motorola Droid and I'm really having trouble liking Sense UI, just not for me.

Think it'll happen?
I wouldn't expect another version to be ported over and work well for sometime after its rooted. You will however have access to roms that have less in them and possibly even have senseui removed, but thats just speculation. Its been rumored that htc integrated the senseui alot more so in this version than it has in previous versions so who knows that will happen with that.
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Their could be reasons for wanting root down the road, but main issues are already covered that were not on Droid and other devices:

1. OC the CPU. Inc is already open to 1ghz and that gets hot and drains battery enough.

2. App space. Inc has 748mb free emmc flash for apps and not even OS and stock app updates will mess with that, since the OS and stock apps are on the 512mb rom. Unlike other devices that have everything on the rom, Inc can get bigger updates and no displacement of the apps space.

3. Tethering. Already covered with an app for USB, and wifi method again makes the device run hot.

Only other main reason would be to get rid of Sense, or add another theme not possible (for whatever reason with stock).
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I don't think making a custom rom for it will be that easy. You'll either need to port the nexus one rom and then make it work on the incredible or try to remove senseui from the stock rom, which may or may not be possible. In other android phones it was simply a matter of turning it off, but its integrated in the os this time (from what i've been told). I don't know what will happen once we do get root, but we'll see.
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If the ERIS is capable of 5, (prob 7 with a replacement) and no lag lol I'm sure the Droid could have handled 5...and we know the Incredible can handle 7...doesn't need Sense to get there ;)

Where are you getting your figures from? The eris has 7 home screens, same as all other senseui equipped phones. The eris is notorious for dialer lag. I don't have any lag at all on the incredible.
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Yeah Im not a fan of sense UI the stock UI is much better to me it looks cool but its just not me I've installed helix I even have the nex theme clock installed with the Genie widget hopefully we can get a stock rom and someone can port over the dark edge theme ill be a happy camper if that happens
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