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HTC People widget

Is there a way to make it so when select the person icon, it doesn't automatically call? Is there a way to make it go to a selection screen, where you can select mobile or home or even email?

I wasnt able to find a way to do this, so I created shortcuts to view certian people ... I like it better than the widget anyway.

To do this, goto the home screen and click the + button > shortcut > person > select the person > view contact. If you have bettercut or anycut (free) you can change the text to anything you want.

Edit: Guess there is an answer!
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Good to know, thanks Caddyman. Have you gotten your update yet?

Nah not yet....anxious...although i hear it is rather anti-climatic

This works, but its kinda tricky.... I have called many people when trying to just access their contact info.

i would use what tomlin posted then
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Is there a way to set the People widget to only show your phone contacts? For example, when I go into the Phone app, only my phone contacts are listed. When I go into the People app, it shows me EVERYONE (e-mail contacts, phone contacts). I don't want my e-mail contacts listed with my phone contacts, because many of them are e-mail address only.

Is there any solution for this?
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dont you pick and choose who is added to the people widget yourself?

Yes, sorry, I meant the app itself though. Whether adding people to the widget, or looking through the contact list when you directly open the app, they both show the same "mixed" list. I just want a way to get to my list of phone contacts alone, so when I call someone I don't have to scroll through all my e-mail addresses.

Also, when you open the Phone app, it keeps your recently called people at the top (in call order, not alphabetical order), and removes them from the list below. But this list is exactly what I want, I just wish it had all people alphabetically. If you call a lot of people, it can be difficult to find someone, not knowing where they are.

Of course, you could just start typing, but I like scrolling ;)

So I just want something that will show my phone contacts only, all in alphabetical order, but so far have been unsuccessful :(
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So you just want a button that brings up your contact list? Thats the "People" button.

Sorry, I don't mean to sound rude, but read my posts again and you'll see why this does not do what I want ;)

I guess I will repeat though...

The People button shows me ALL people, including phone contacts and e-mail contacts. I do not want this, because I have many e-mail address that have no phone number associated with them. I want a button that shows me my Phone contacts ONLY, all in alphabetical order. The Phone button somewhat does this, but it takes the recently called people out of the alphabetically ordered list, and places them at the top (it is basically the Call Log, but limits to one entry per person). I do not want this. I want all phone contacts ONLY (excluding e-mail contacts), in a single, ordered list. That's all :(
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Got ya! I dont have any email contact that I dont have a ph number for ... so I dont think it was registering. I dont think there is a way tto do what your asking. Perhaps an app will come out in the near future that allows you to customize the people screen better.

Come to think of it ... did you try using a folder? I vaguely remember someone saying you could put contacts into a folder. When you select the folder it would give you a list of the contacts you chose to put in there. Anyone know how to do this?
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The problem is I have many phone contacts who are not gmail contacts. And I have many gmail contacts who are not phone contacts (i.e. I send an e-mail to my professor once, it saves his e-mail, but I never need it again).

As far as the starred contacts, a.k.a. favorite people, they all have to be added individually, unfortunately :(

The Live Folder for People still does the combined contact list. They sure do make this difficult! I just want to access the same list that the Phone app accesses! :(
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