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HTC Sync just WONT WORK!


Dec 2, 2009
I've tried everything I can think of.... disabling anti-virus and firewall... following HTC's troubleshooting, but nothing seems to work

I have the latest version of HTC sync, and my hero is recognised on USB. i've enabled USB debugging, and managing files on the SD card is not a problem, but HTC Sync just won't recognise that my hero is connected!
Any ideas?

Running vista an Android build number 146733 CL#46012 release keys

I'm another one who has stopped using it to sync contacts etc, but I did discover which precise applications I had to tell my firewall to allow - I posted the details around here some time ago. I also discovered I had to plug my USB cable into the PC first, then attach my HEro, not the other way around... Works every time now. I had to sort this to get the HTC ROM uprgrade to work.

nielo :cool:

PS: the applications to "allow" were: HTCVBTServer.exe & FsynSrvStarter.exe
I use Comodo firewall, placing that in "training mode" sorted the problem revealing the HTC processes that Comodo was blocking, thus preventing HTC Sync from making a connection (and also, needless to say, the HTC ROM Upgrade application!)
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Had my hero for 5 days now - this is how I made sync work (YMMV)

Install sync on your pc
Plug in your phone via USB (it should install drivers but the sync icon in the task bar won't light up and you won't be able to see your phone).
With the phone pugged in, start the sync application on the phone and select 'sync phone now' (or similar - can't remember) this will then install more drivers. Until you do this, the phone won't be able to communicate.
The phone should then be seen by your PC.
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Are you using the original HTC cable?
My Desire will charge and be an external drive with a std micro-USB cable. But it'll only sync with the original. Looking on wikipedia there is more than one spec cable, e.g. for devices where for some actions teh phone is 'master' and PC 'slave'.
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How I solved my HTC Sync problems:

The HTC Sync 2.0.40 or older is not fully compatible to Windows 7 64-bit. I was having sync problem (going crazy for months actually) before upgrading from 1.5 to 2.1.

I was about to sell away my Hero..... Then I decided to upgrade to 2.1. With 2.1, you may use the latest HTC Sync 3.0.5422. It works perfectly with HTC Hero. Now my Hero has a new life. I am so glad I did not sell it away.

My previous post:
I just upgrade from 1.5 build 1.7xxxx a few days ago. The upgrade is definitely worthy. Now my HTC Hero (GSM) has a new life!

I was just about to sell my phone before the upgrade. My Windows 7 64-bit kept failing to detect the phone. The problem persisted even after 10 times of reinstallation. I later found out this is a software issue of HTC Sync which is not fully compatible with Windows 7 64-bit.

I did not received any notification on my phone when 2.1 was released. It seems that 1.5 build 1.7xxxx does not support such notification.

This is my upgrade experience:

The first step was to upgrade from 1.5 build 1.7xxxx to 1.5 build 2.7xxxx. I decided to use my wife's Windows XP computer to perform the upgrade since the HTC Sync hates Windows 7. The ROM Upgrade can be found at HTC Worldwide site. The upgrade was very smooth.

After the upgrade (still 1.5 but with build 2.7xxxx), I immediately received the upgrade notification when I connected to WiFi. So the second step was to upgrade over the air to 2.1.

Among the major improvement I see:

1) No more sync problem. Now I can use the newer HTC Sync for 2.1.

2) The contact photos on the phone no longer go blur after syncing to my Outlook 2007.

3) Two screenshots are available when viewing an application under the Market. I can now have a clearer idea before installing any app.
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