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Help HTC Wildfire S wont come out of sleep mode


May 14, 2011
yesterday i bought the phone and after a short period of time i couldn't get it out sleep mode. when i press the power button the lights on the touchscreen buttons light up and when i press the volume keys it goes up and down. any suggestions to what the problem may be?
Had the same problem. mine did it because i've had it in power saving mode. that is when i had it in low brightness and set the phone to standby, i could not get the phone working again.

BUT it was working, i could turn the volume up an down and unlock the phone. i maneged to turn up the brigthness again at it worked fine..

then today, thanks to other problems with the phone, i had it replaced, and now it doesn't do the same. nice..

Perhaps that is your problem?
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Had a very similar problem with a 2 day old wildfire S. (As soon as I opened the box,I swapped the SD card that came with it for a bigger one I had). All OK for 2 days. Then, for no apparent reason, the phone backlight would not come on AT ALL after waking it from sleep. (phone was still on as I could call it and it rang) If battery removed and reinstalled it would come on and behave until the screen went out in the normal way from lack of activity. Then it would not light up at all (apart from the 'buttons' along the bottom). Only solution was to take the battery out again! I tried this many times and uninstalled lots of software, but always the same problem.

I did some research in these forums (for older wildfire) and tried changing the SD card back to the original (which did seem to have a tighter fit than the one I installed) This, so far, has completely solved the problem. So, if you have this problem, try changing the SD card!

Hope this helps someone.

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had the same problem thought i would save some battery with the brightness set at minimum then had trouble getting the handset out of sleep the screen was just dead.

Googled the problem and it spat out this web site and post near the top 2 mins latter had my handset all sorted again thanks to you guys.

ROB :)
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