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I bought a 3500 mah battery on ebay and now the battery meter has a '?' in it.

I don't think this would make a difference, but if it does - I'm rooted and running Nonsensikal 15.2. Feel free to move this to the root forum if you think it belongs there.

Anyway, the battery meter in the corner of the phone seems to be stuck at 58%, and there is a question mark behind the 58%. When I go into the settings menu it says Battery Status - unknown.

Do you think I got a bum battery or did I miss a step setting it up?
There was a thread/discussion over on the Droid X forums similar to this.

What is probably happening is that the battery you received does not have the temperature and/or voltage sensors in it to allow Android to sense and report its charging state. This is apparently a common practice to lower the cost of producing these batteries.

The most recent Froyo OTA updates for the Droid X apparently have logic in them that will no longer allow these batteries to be charged. The phones will work okay, but cannot report the %charged (presumably because there is no charging sensor chips, etc. in the battery to allow for this to happen).

Not saying that this is what is going on with you, but it sounds like it to me. If you phone is charging, you are lucky--except that there may not be any way for Android to tell it to stop charging--that sounds like a bad thing to me (and I'm sure Motorola/VZW would agree).
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Do you think I got a bum battery or did I miss a step setting it up?

I shy away from batteries from other than the stores carrying the phones, Jomboni.

Scary Alien layed out one good reason for that. ;)

Other accessories are not as big a worry with regard to quality, but that battery is what powers the phone, no compromise there.
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scary alien - that's interesting! I'm wondering - if it's a froyo issue maybe if I switch to one of the 2.1 roms like xtrsense?

....or should I just bite the bullet and spend more for a seido brand battery?

I don't know if its a Froyo issue or not...it would be easy to test: Nandroid backup your current setup, flash a 2.1 Sense ROM (doing the requisite wipes first, of course), check the battery, Nandroid restore if desired/necessary.

Good luck!
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