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I can't find Google Lens

Sunny Rio

Android Enthusiast
  • Dec 4, 2020
    I got a new phone. On my previous phone I'd installed Google Lens. If I try to install it from Google Play on the new phone it says I already have it, but I can't find an icon for it or it listed in the apps list. So how am I supposed to use it?

    I'm told it could be within my camera app, but there's no icon in there, or apparently within a program that's just called "Google". If I go in there it looks like a web browser to me. I'm then told to type lens in the search bar. Uhh.... no that does a general google search all over the internet for the word lens.
    Go to your play store app, click on your icon, upper right and choose manage apps... Should be listed..click open .
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    No, it's not in there. It seems they've integrated it with other stuff now so you can't get the standalone app.

    I seem to be able to access it if I do a google search in a browser then click the camera icon (as you would on a desktop to upload an image to determine what it is), then there's an option to access the phone's camera directly. What a long winded piece of nonsense. I used to just click an icon on my home screen.
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    Yes I found an app called google, I just fail to see what it's for. It seems to be a cut down chrome, so why not just use chrome? And why didn't they give a it a name? It's like me buying a Chevy. A Chevy what? Just a Chevy, they didn't name this one.

    Basically to open google lens I need to call it via a browser for some stupid reason. Why do they have to make things so complicated?
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    Honestly the Google search bar is pretty common on Android devices. It's even baked into a lot of them. I was just throwing the idea out there in case it was an option.

    Also, I just searched the play store and the standalone app was there and I was able to install it and put an icon on the home screen. Not sure why it's different for you?
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    Just because you like a search on your home screen doesn't mean I do. If I want to search for something, I use a browser.

    I found Google Lens on the play store, but it claims my phone already has it presumably because it's included with something, therefore won't let me install it!
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    According to google play, it's installed on my old phone (which has the icon) and my new phone (which doesn't). I've looked through the apps list in settings and it isn't there.

    There should be a re-install or un-install option in google play so you can start again if the icon is lost.
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    You might go to the Play Store and click on your avatar (top right) From there click on Manage apps and devices. On the next screen click on Manage. It should bring a list of all installed apps. Scroll down to Google Lens and tick it's box. A trashcan should appear (top right)
    Or you can just press Google Lens and an Open & Uninstall option should appear. Once the Play Store is satisfied it is no longer on your device, you should be able to install again.

    I've never used this to remove an app. It looks like it might be helpful in your situation. Good luck.
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    I thought Google Lens was deprecated a while back now.

    I did still find it in the Play Store, however it wouldn't run on my device, and it just re-directed to the Play Store, to install the Google app. Which does have Google image search in it.

    If one is not happy about this, then any howling should be directed at Google...good luck!
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    Now I'm getting somewhere. Either it misinformed me, or I read it too quickly. I have 3 phones. Android 4, 7, and 9. 4 and 7 have it installed, the 9 is incompatible, presumably because it's been incorporated into google google or whatever you're meant to call this weird unnamed thing.
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    I didn't know it could do text translations and maths. I have used it a lot for identifying things, mainly plants so I know how to propagate them etc. Or to identify an animal or bird seen in the wild. It's quite amazing to show it a leaf and it tells you the exact breed of plant and it's favourite temperature, how to look after it, etc. But you do have to wonder what personal information Google collects about us. Aim it at some cannabis and the police come to your door.
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    Have you tried looking for Lens when a photo, or cropped photo is on the screen.

    That works for me, but I also have Lens (L.. ) in my App Drawer with Android 12, but I doubt if the Android version helps.

    I never had a problem with having Lens as an option without having to open the app, but I accept you have a particular problem with that device which isn't obvious to fix.

    I'll look at two of my other phones later. One is on 9 the other 10. (Nokia and Moto E)
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    I took a photo of a QR code, but no extra options existed, just things like to bluetooth it, edit it, etc.

    I assume my phone should look similar to your Android 9 phone, although Samsung do mess around with stuff.

    I'm surprised you have the standalone Google Lens on Android 12 (bloody hell are they that high already?) since it disappeared for me between 7 and 9.
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