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I can't install apps


Jan 29, 2016
I have note3 samsung but when I download apps from brows doesn't install it.the picture I showed don't tap next


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He has a red screen filter. You need to turn that off when installing an app like that since it blocks the floating window buttons.

I use Twilight as my red screen filter and the same used to happen that way too. They added an option to have the filter turn off during installation of apps via apk so that it can work properly.
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What can I do? Can I install anti virus.which anti virus better?
As Unforgiven said I would stay clear of that site. You have to ask yourself how can a third party update my device. Device updates come from Carrier and OEM's there should be no other third party sites offering to "update" your device. I would put that site on my blacklist
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