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Help I don't understand how Facebook syncs with my contacts. Problem.

Basically here is the problem, I don't always have my 3G on for battery saving purposes, so that means my Facebook is not actively synced with my contacts. I do turn on the 3G on my phone at LEAST once a day, usually numerous times. I have linked a handful of contacts to their Facebook pages on my phone back in the past, back in October. But now I want to update their pictures, and every time I sync, its the same old picture from October. I even tried to delete the link, delete the contact, punch in the contact manually, then link it to the Facebook, and it STILL shows the picture from October.

I have a hard time explaining this problem. But is there any way so that when I turn on my 3G, Facebook will automatically update the photos on my contact list? Or even this would work too, is there any way to set it up where I can hit a button somewhere where it syncs them on my command. Basically I just want newer pictures, but these old ones do not go away at all. I tried playing around with it on and off for a few weeks now, and I cannot figure this out. I hope this makes sense.


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