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Root I have 3 question please help , How to backup actual original rom image motoroloa droid x ?


Aug 4, 2010
Hi guys i have 3 question first i just bought Motorola Droid X, and this is my first android phone. maybe this question sound little bit stupid but can you guys help me out , i have this phone for about 2 days i want to root it but before i do it i want to know is there any way to i do whole system image rom back up from my phone i mean everything , because i was thinking if do root my phone with one click roothing (the new app just released) and when i want to unroot with the same app the phone it won’t clean all of the root files from phone i mean it leaves the superuser.apk, busybox and some drivers in the system folder that’s why i was thinking before i do rooting my phone first i just do original rom backup first and when i want to unroot the phone i use my original backup and restore it back then it will clean all the rooting file from my phone because I’m doing original rom restore back to my phone , that's why is there any way to that ?.

My second question is if do rooting my phone and if i don't remove any pre-installed original app from phone and i just install new app in to my phone and if i do factory hard reset in mean time will i brick my phone ?

My third question is if i root my phone and accidentally i remove pre-installed original app from my phone and i do factory hard reset what will happen will i brick my phone? will my phone turn on or will it work ?and if it did not turn on and if i return it to Verizon local branch will they find out my phone was rooted that’s why my phone is not working or they don't care they just replace my phone?. and don’t forget I’m going to get full insurance plan form Verizon and if they try to replace my phone will they charge me for that or it will be free? Let me know guys.
Thank you
First, now that we have the .sbf file you will just follow that procedure. That is your backup. :)

Second, no it will not.

Third, yes it will, but the .sbf file will help you recover from the brick, therefore you will not have to go to VZW. However, they will not know you rooted your phone, but Moto will (not sure they will care or even look). If past the 30 days, you will pay the $79 fee, if prior to the 30 days it will be replaced for free.
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