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Accessories I have both the Crystal Clear SGP and Zagg and the winner is....

Is there a noticeable difference in usability (finger stickiness) and touch screen sensitivity?
Yes feels smoooooth.
Does the SGP feel as "scratch/damage protective" as the Zagg? I have a zagg now and it seems very protective, but am thinking of getting something else.
I hated the zagg compared to I love the Clear so far.
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I ripped my zagg off after trying it a week. It was horrid! the edges collected lint, the orange peel was very noticiable, and the top layer seamed to scratch easily so, you have all these scratches on it, i ordered the SGP Crystal, got my shipping notifications today. Right now im using a WrightRight, and i works great, what i used on my storm for a year. but its only square, wanted to cover the entire glass area on this.
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I had a Zagg. Good on protection, it fit nicely and it didn't attract too much finger smudge compared to plain glass, but I couldn't stand the tacky feeling and I didn't like how the orange peel effect distorted the screen somewhat (I don't want anything disrupting the AMOLED beauty...)

I now how a Clarivue clear protector on right now. Feels good and smooth swiping, scrolling, and such. And it is crystal clear. The only things I don't like is the way that it is cut (they do state that the fit is smaller than the front facing screen, and they weren't kidding...) And I don't like the U on the bottom.

So, hopefully the SGP Crystal will do the trick. Crystal clear, good protection, and nice fit/cut...
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It's amazing how subjective this is... I have the Zagg and absolutely love it. It's a perfect fit, and the orange peel and tackiness that people have issues with was there for a few days, but now is completely gone. It's now smooth and nearly undetectable. That, along with the peace of mind that it's protecting the screen better than any other screen film can, makes me feel pretty good about my choice.
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