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i thought it was fixed.....

my phone is still trying to send an email and keeps giving me an error that the account setting is incorrect. I've tried everything and took everyone's suggestions. I'm trying to avoid a resetting the phone.

Whether you reset it or not, krista, if any of the settings in the email setup area are wrong you'll get those errors.

I'd like to see you take the device to a Verizon store, tell them you're having problems setting up email, and have a tech who is familiar with email (ask for that specifically) run you through the setup procedure. I'll bet during that at some point during that it'll dawn on you what went wrong.

It is very easy to make a mistake in there.. usually the gmail goes easily because all it wants at setup time at the beginning is your username and password.

But if you've entered something not correctly in the email utility (other than gmail).. well, you're seeing what can happen.
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