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yeah to be honest i appreciate you coming and telling but im getting so sick of all the supposed deadlines, im nearly at the verge of saying "i bet we dont get it on the 27th

i mean cmon acer i accept you want to release a non-bugged working version..but jesus christ how many testers do you have 2?
how can so many reputable acer sources get it wrong soooooo many times?
acer techs,acer support, acer sites, acer facebook ....everyone of em turning out to be wrong.

the term dangling a carrot springs to mind.
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That would suck.. almost makes me want to wait a month after the update to install it.

yeah I did that with ICS on my A200. I waited for a while and there were no posts reporting problems, so I thought it would be fine and installed the update.

I found a couple of games stopped working and my external harddrive didn't show up any more. I considered trying to roll back to 3.2, but in the end the disable apps feature of ICS won me over.

For the A500 there are even more benefits with the take a screenshot, unlock to app and the Acer ring.
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Make sure you have THIS installed from the market or you may not get the update:


Good Luck

Hey Xphyle! I saw what you wrote there and tried it and sure enough I was immediately ice cream sandwichfied!!! Thanks so much for posting that tip! ICS is awesome! :) just recustomized all my home screens... text is sharper on screen now too. And I like the widget that has a clock, the weather and the date all in one... Awesome stuff! :)
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