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Root ICS Responsiveness Tweak.

I found this over at XDA in the LG revolution development forum. I take no credit. All credit goes to spc_hicks09. Don't know if this has been posted b4 but it makes scrolling and navigating through apps faster. Try it for yur self.

Download flashable zip.


It's already in #2 ;)
Edit: I forgot, it WAS in #2, but in order to add a different tweak, he had to remove it.
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since it says its for ics shouldnt we assume its for ics only? and have u tried it yourself if not are u waiting for some1 to have to do a recovery after flashing this just to confirm to you that it dosnt work for our phone?

Lol yes I'm using it now? Why would I want yu to try something for me? And its not a ics tweak its for the ics responsiveness
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well for paranoid people like me and the 3rd poster we dont just flash anything without any confirmation, last time i did that i had to recover from an old recovery that i did long ago which didnt seem to have all my contact list updated. so if u could leave your feed back on if it works and how well it works that would be very helpful.
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So if i flash this, would it break anything in #2?

This used to be in #2 I think but was taken out because all of the tweaks didn't really do anything. I've flashed them a long time ago before they were even implemented into #2 and I can say that you are not missing anything.

It's best to just leave #2 alone. If Ldrifta wanted us to have them then they would be in there. (Might still be, not sure. ;)
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Haha. Truth sucks. Especially finding out Santa ain't real. Lol
Lmao i tell u what the best that has been shared on here was that smooth scroll mod now that really works and i recommend it.

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you serious? Ah crap. Then whose lap have I been sitting on all these years that always had a banana in his pocket? Thanks a lot Fuzzy. :D
Oh u know you liked it lmao jk
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